Film of a film of a film of my AltSpace “Home”

I have discovered that AltSpace works on some kind of web3D, or at least can be extended thus. My room for example has 2 spaces one can load up a 3D webpage and see it in VR. Im only doing examples at the moment, but I inserted a rotating moon on one end of the room and the earth at the other.
So I filmed around a bit using the Oculus recording function. Then I watched THAT film in the oculus video app, choosing the Moon as the location. (Theres a screen on the moon where you can watch films) then I filmed THAT. THEN I watched THAT film in the more regular Cinema Viewing mode. And filmed that… See the result below.
TO summerise, its a film of a film of a film of me showing off my Home in Alt Space.
The actual demonstration film will follow.

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