VRoom 05 The dark room

Experimenting with audio.

Screen shot... Lovely huh?
Screen shot… Lovely huh?

VR glasses on, but totally black. A voice is heard in the distance. “Hello! Over here.. turn this way… come to me…”
When we are facing the voice it changes ” Yes thats right now come over here…) and the voice becomes nearer, as we additionally hear footesps from below ourselves.

If we veer off, or turn our heas, the footsteps cease and the voice gos “no, come back, not that way!
Eventually we get close to the voice and the footsteps stop. The voice say, Oh.. you know what, there was a light switch back where you came from all the time…

You turn around, and theres a small light illuminating a switch. A small amount of the room is seen…

We walk over to the switch, just before arrival it fizzes and fails, the voice shouts.. Oh shit.. well ok.. to your left then… and a light comes on, again illuminating a light switch, if we try to look away (at the speaking voice for example, the light fails, and it happens again.)

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