AR Experiments

Im now trying alot of experiments using AR, or Augmented Reality. Using the Vuforia service, now built into Unity its actually pretty easy to do.
A City, where you can get down on your knees and look around, Ive got location based audio to work, so when you approach a character they talk, and looking to get touch to work so that you can fix stuff. Im thinking of a kind of Groundhog day senario where things happen, and if you can solve them they dissappear, and dont return, but if you dont they loop. So  a building catches fire and if you call the Fire Brigade they will come and fix that, if not, the fire burns out, with casualties (Shown by a zealous Hearse drive who turns up after every accident. A Mother who has lost there child, a UFO that abducts a car (you just move the car to thwart the aliens)

Also a kind  HSE game (maybe selling at work) a dangerous warehouse where all sorts of accidents happen… same gameplay.. fix them and they clear away.




3 years in the making, this game is a big sprawling mess. It may even be broken.

My concept for Truth (aka “The road up to Hell“) was originally to make a multiplayer game, where the 4 individual players played different roles, had very little to do apart from some repetitive and boring quest, and that after a while they would decide to break the rules and go off on their own. Other quests would emerge if they met up, and the final ending would only happen if all four had met.
The game area and graphics are now finished, however, became very slow as I learned how to optimize, multiplayer became a problem, and now I wonder if the whole game can be re-thought out if you play character one at a time, in a single player game, then discovering Adventure Creator as a tool for the game design, which however seems to rule out multiplayer… completely.. or maybe not…
I won’t do “spoilers” here, just in case I get it working again, but, after upgrading to Unity 5 (big no no) it will not open, and I seem to have killed it completely… I know some things to try, but simply don’t hav…
no wait… its working again… hmm…

Story in one sentence (SPOILER)

You arrive as a character in the rainy, snowy evening to a Norwegian Valley. You may choose between 4 characters. A Priest, a Nurse, an American businessman or a Scientist. Depending on who you choose you start in a different place. (Multi player version, each player chooses a player and they are all played at once) If you die you character lies on the ground, and you may choose another, when you arrive at the previous characters body, you may loot and get back what you achieved in your previous incarnation. (multiplayer version if you die you are “out” and other can collect your findings) The valley has a secret, that you must discover, and then game over! HURRAH! You have to play all 4 characters to find the secret, so yes, 3 characters MUST die!


Some pics…

Outside Auntys Cabin
The thin girl, testing if she gets cold in the rain. She does.
The valley looks nice in the day. (Its never day, never looks nice)
Some disgruntled villagers.. approach carefully…
Auntys Cabin
Church Interior
The Church (based on Nesodden Church)
Research Center. 15th floor (down)
Nurse arrives on this bus. Only 1 bus a day…
The research Center above ground
The Mental Asylum, I mean local medical center… it USED to be a Mental Asylum, thats right…
Working on character movement…
During the shooter period, not sure there are weapons any more…
Thin girl again… good skin…
Thin girl in blender
Hospital Operating room, the local doctor has a harmless hobby…
Aunty has stories to tell, if she doesn’t shoot you first…
Church and Church yard from above (getting crows to fly off when you approach)
Crow programming…
AI chickens!
A Chicken… mostly harmless
Auntys Cabin and Hire car left carelessly with the lights on…
I hate Audis
A light!
The Cabin
Cabin Interior
Plotting bus routes
Church interior
Also based on Nesodden Church…



EDEN_MENU FLY.unity - EDEN (1) - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone (Personal)-1

The experiment
What will happen on a lonely island where 2 players arrive firstly without knowing the other exists? and upon meeting, how do they communicate? We give them the ability to fight, or build a friendship. A few things to do, like explore, some small but ultimately non-lethal dangers to experience, and avoid, will these bring them together?


To make a small explorable area, add a simple developing story, using simple techniques, to engage the user and encourage the user to re-visit the experience many times, at the same time dissuading them from very extended periods of play.

Story Outline

Very loosely based on the biblical story of Adam and Eve, two players are at a beautiful tropical island. It is late afternoon, when the game starts, that is, when the first person arrives. Fairly shortly it becomes twilight and finally night.

The first player can choose which character (Adam or Eve) they wish to be, the second player to join the game will automatically be assigned the opposite character.

“Eve” arrives walking out of the water on the beach, as night falls, there can be seen a row of fire torches leading away from the beach, into the jungle. After a shot while she comes across a small but cosy hut, decorated with flowers, with chickens running feely about. There is a small vegetable patch and some wheat growing in a clearing.

“Adam” arrives walking out of the water of a small lake, that is surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, over hanging vines and a picturesque water fall. Under one rocky outcrop is a small ramshackle but charming abode, with straw roof and adobe, mud walls, A pig wanders aimlessly within a small pen to one side, fish are drying on a rack. Inside is dimly lit with candles and is partly dug back into the walls of there rock, or is it formed over the mouth of a small cave?

These are your homes. We do hope you like them.

Elsewhere on the island are roaming animals, rabbits, spiders, some goats, and a pair of wolves. These will attack if you get too close, but are harmless otherwise.